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Audio Transcription

Super low cost so you can  actually build that app.

Fathom's innovative new speech-to-text transcription service is changing the way businesses operate. We offer accurate and affordable transcriptions with 90%+ accuracy, making our service the perfect solution for any organization of any size. Currently only available in English with more languages on the way.

Conversational Intelligence

Fathom's intelligence analyzes natural language at machine speeds with human-level intelligence. With Fathom, you can identify patterns and relationships otherwise unseen. World-class content analysis is ready for your next ground-breaking project: Topic segmentation, Highlight extraction, Sentiment Analysis, Summarization and more.

AI Semantic Search

Transform the search experience of your products using AI. This isn’t keyword matching. Fathom can understand the meaning of words and phrases, not just match them literally. Ask any question in natural language and receive contextually relevant answers from inside content (resolved back to the timestamp for audio/video content). Put the future of search into your app.


Building a battle-tested and eerily-effective recommendation engine is difficult and time-consuming. With Fathom, you’ll deliver world-class content recommendations without hiring a single ML expert or burning months building your own. Ready to get spooked?—Fathom's recommendations are scary good.

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