Stare, pry, listen, eavesdrop. Die knowing something.
You are not here long.
Walker Evans

Evolution through conversation.

Our Story

At Fathom, we thrive on good conversation. Podcasting as a technology has taken the trajectory of human conversation into the next dimension, allowing us to sit in on talks between some of the world's most interesting humans. We've cheered, laughed, cried, and even gotten angry while listening to our podcasts, which means that podcasting as a medium is undeniably human––and it's only just getting started.

We see podcasting as a tide that lifts all boats––a technology that potentially delivers life-changing conversations to anyone with a pair of headphones and an internet connection. Just as the speed of the printing press empowered individuals to eventually create philosophies (and even whole countries)  based on the power of the written word, we see podcasting as the next great evolution of the transmission of human dialogue.

Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee and just as hard to sleep after.
Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Our Vision

The library is, to date, one of humankind's most treasured technologies, and the interconnected digital age has signaled the library's next epoch in a new, exciting, and wildly dynamic form.

Unfortunately, the internet is largely unorganized, and so much of our treasured collective wisdom has not yet made it online where it can be accessed by anyone who wishes to find it. There is a deluge of noise over signal, and so much of it is surface-level, often being measured in quantity over quality.

We believe conversations via podcasts are an exciting way to truly go deep in the digital realm, following the threads of human dialogue down rabbit holes you might not have otherwise.

We want to equip you to explore the depths of human conversation uninhibited, and perhaps measure that journey in fathoms, above anything else.

The Team

Ken Miller

Co-founder, Chief Technical Officer

Paul Bloch

Co-founder, Chief Design Officer

Justin Castillo

VP of Engineering

Yoelvis Orozco Gonzalez

Director of AI Research & Development

Filip Floryan

Front-end Engineer

Tyler Termini

Product Manager

Our Tech

The problem is: the written word can be bookmarked, snipped, highlighted, indexed, parsed, read-aloud, translated, and so on. Audio is currently opaque.

At Fathom, our mission is to bring the same power that humans have over text, to audio. Audio conversations should be just as dissect-able and extensible as text, and with today's ever-accelerating AI technologies––Fathom is doing just that.

We've developed a novel approach to conversational AI which assigns hyper-dimensional vectors to every aspect of human conversation: words, phrases, paragraphs, and even the larger concepts which make up podcast chapters, whole episodes, or shows. This allows us to spread podcaster's content far and wide to exactly the listeners who are interested in those ideas.

In addition, Fathom makes podcasts searchable like text. Even better actually, because unlike keyword-based search engines like Google, you can ask natural-language questions like "Where will AI take us?" and jump straight to moments in podcasts where they are discussing exactly that.

Speech to Text

Our innovative new speech-to-text transcription service is changing the way businesses operate. We offer accurate and affordable transcriptions with 90%+ accuracy, making our service the perfect solution for any organization of any size. Currently only available in English with more languages on the way.

Content Analysis

Fathom's intelligence comes from market tested consumer products we've actually built. Fathom understands and analyzes natural language at machine speeds with human-level intelligence. With Fathom, you can identify patterns and relationships otherwise unseen. World-class content analysis is ready for your next ground-breaking project: Topic segmentation, Highlight extraction, Sentiment Analysis, Summarization and more.

Semantic Search

Transform the search experience of your products using AI. This isn't keyword matching. Fathom can understand the meaning of words and phrases, not just match them literally. Ask any question in natural language and receive contextually relevant answers from inside content - resolved back to the timestamp for audio/video content. Put the future of search into your app.


Building a battle-tested and eerily-effective recommendation engine is difficult and time-consuming. With Fathom, you’ll deliver world-class content recommendations without hiring a single ML expert or burning months building your own. Ready to get spooked?—Fathom's recommendations are scary good.

Listen: there’s a hell of a good universe next door; let’s go.
E.E. Cummings